Key sizes, public vs. secret key

Ryan Malayter
Mon Jun 10 16:42:01 2002

The Digital Signature Algorithm is limited to 1024 bits. If you make an
ElGamal Sign+encrypt or RSA key, you can make your public key larger
than 1024 bits, but you may have some interoperability problems with
users of other OpenPGP systems since those algorithms are not required
in the standard.

Now, as for the 8192 bits private vs. 1024 bit public key sizes, I don't
believe you can create such a keypair with any algorithm used in GnuPG.

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> Subject: Key sizes, public vs. secret key
> Hello!
> I don't know very much about this, so I'd like to learn about=20
> key sizes.
> Is it correct that the public keys can never be larger than=20
> 1024b? If so, why is that?
> Then I wonder, due to that fact, does it mean that if I make=20
> a secret key that has e.g. 8192b size, that the messages are=20
> no stronger protected than if I had used 1024b secret key?
> Cheers, Andy
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