GnuPG + Java + JNI

Jaya Christina
Mon Jun 10 16:49:01 2002

Hi all.

Basically I intend to use Java + GnuPG using JNI.

It will be of much help if someone could help me with this tiny problem  I
have here.
I need to know where I can get the source files which drive GnuPG on
windows. I assume I can get them from the CVS.But I dont understand which
specific files are required...And which is the main file which actually does
the work(like calling other sub.files)
something like the public Java class with the -***public static void
main(){}*** method.

Or is there no methods which can be directly called as encrypt(*,*) and
decrypt(*,*) etc.... and I might have to access the files in a different

Any pointers wud be of great help.
Or if anyone has any library as such for the same Help plz..

Thanx and ciao