PGP-GPG Compatibility

Charly Avital
Tue Jun 11 15:06:01 2002

At 2:17 PM +0200 6/11/02, Juergen P. Sonsalla wrote:
>Hello everybody,
>i'm pretty new to this list so please be patient if my question has been
>answered several times before but i didn't find it in the archieves.
>My current problem could be describe as follows:
>I write any text, encrypt the text (or mail) with my public key using PGP
>7.0.4. When trying to decrypt it everything works fine by using PGP for
>When using GPG it says "No secret Key available", but i ensured the right
>key is in the ring.
>Does anybody know about this problem ?
>Thank you,

You didn't specifiy what kind of key it is.

The only key I have found in the keyservers which relates to you is
0xA487766F, and it is a "Legacy" RSA key, with the IDEA algorithm.

Is that the key you are using for your tests?

Are you running a GPG system that is IDEA capable?

If you *are* running an IDEA capable gpg, and that you are *sure* your gpg
secret ring includes that RSA/IDEA secret key, there might have been a
problem when exporting it from PGP and importing it to GPG.

You could try the following:
- in PGP, change the passphrase of the secret key to a a blank passphrase.
- export the keypair (including secret key with blank passphrase)
- immediately restore the passphrase to the secret key in the PGP keyring.
- import the keypair into GPG, making sure you --allow-secret-key-import.
- immediately edit the secret key on GPG and change the passphrase from
blank to your choosen passphrase.

Hope this helps.