compiling problems gpg 1.0.7

David T-G
Wed Jun 12 14:15:01 2002

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Mike --

=2E..and then mike salehi said...
% Greetings,


% 	I am trying to compile gpg 1.0.7 on Solaris 8 using gcc and all binutils
% and gnu make. I get some
% warnings during the make, but it seems they are ok, gpg is produced and it

Yep.  That looks good.

% passes the check, but install
% fails. Since I do not know where the answer will go will you respond to
% Here is my errors:
% make[1]: Leaving directory `/export/home/l472142/gnupg-1.0.7/intl'
% /bin/sh ../scripts/mkinstalldirs /usr/local/lib/gnupg
%   /bin/install -c rndlinux /usr/local/lib/gnupg/rndlinux
% cp: cannot access /usr/local/lib/gnupg/rndlinux

Are you root?  Natually only root can write into the /usr/local tree.

If you wish to install gnupg just for yourself because you don't have
root privileges, you should go back and rerun ./configure with=20


or something like that to install it in $HOME/local/bin and man pages in
$HOME/local/man and so on.


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