compiling problems gpg 1.0.7

David T-G
Wed Jun 12 17:00:02 2002

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Mike --

I've taken the liberty of taking this back to the list.  You should
always keep the list in the loop, particularly since you have a better
chance of getting a useful answer.

=2E..and then said...
% Yes, I am root, I can't figure it out why he cannot access, also notice o=
n the other erros it complains about it being a directory. Do you need spec=

Good enough; that's a first step.

It looks like the problem lies in the install script(?) used to make and
populate the directories.  The package maintainers are probably better
able to debug that than I.

% version of gcc?

I don't think so; as you noted, it compiles just fine.

% Mike


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