locking problems?

Thomas Bader thomasb@trash.net
Mon Jun 17 18:41:01 2002


I'm using GnuPG on Linux.  Now, something strange happened.
I was running a 'gpg --import' while I was trying to do a
'gpg --list-keys'.  I got the following output:

(thomasb@ricola ~ 113/0) % gpg --list-sigs XXXXXXXX
gpg: /home/thomasb/.gnupg/pubring.gpg: Schl=FCsselbund erstellt
gpg: error reading key: =D6ffentlicher Schl=FCssel nicht gefunden

(yes, I've enabled NLS. It means something like:

gpg: /home/thomasb/.gnupg/pubring.gpg: keyring created
gpg: error reading key: public key not found)

It seems, like GnuPG has overwritten my pubring.gpg.

Fortunatly, I had a backup in ~/.gnupg/pubring.gpg~... but
maybe, someone needs to look a bit deeper into file locking
in GnuPG... imagine, something like that happens with your
secring.gpg.... :/

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