David Shaw
Tue Jun 18 16:52:01 2002

On Tue, Jun 18, 2002 at 09:16:00AM -0500, Peter Gia wrote:

> Hello, I have some questions about the preferences list in gpg. Lets
> say for example, I set preferences in gnupg1.07 through edit-key to
> S10 h3 h2 z2 z1. i update them using updpref, now i do a pref on the
> same key but now it has a [mdc] at the end of the list. Is that
> supposed to happen?  Another thing, when I do a showpref on same
> key, 3DES shows up on the key when I did not specify it in the
> preferences list. I only specified S10. Any ideas why this is
> happening?

The 3DES cipher (like the hash SHA-1) is always available in OpenPGP.
If you don't explicitly include it in your preference list, it is
assumed to be at the end of the list.

[mdc] is not really a preference.  It means that you can handle
messages that include a MDC (modification detection code) to prevent
modification of encrypted messages.


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