Malte Gell
Wed Jun 19 10:45:01 2002

> [mdc] is not really a preference.  It means that you can handle
> messages that include a MDC (modification detection code) to prevent
> modification of encrypted messages.

Hi there,
"modification detection code", sounds interesting, can you tell us more a=
that ? Would be nice if you could enlighten us a bit ;-)

Is this an OpenPGP thing or is it unique for GnuPG ?

The man page says mdc is used for ciphers with block sizes >64 bit, so it=
automatically used with AES,Twofish, does it make sense to force the use =
mdc with --force-mdc when using 3DES or CAST5 or is mdc best used with th=
new ciphers ?

Thanks in advance