Suppressing passphrase prompt

Steve Butler
Fri Jun 21 18:16:01 2002

Oops.  I gave my decrypt script which has the passphrase stuff.  Here is my
encrypt script which does not do signing.  However, feel free to merge the
two scripts for your purposes:

# COPYRIGHT (c) 1995-2002 Stephen M. Butler dba XRG
# This information may be copied, distributed and/or modified under
# certain conditions, but it comes WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.
# See the Design Science License for more details
# =================================================================
# gpg_script PK_ID source
#   Interface script for edi and ftpexec to encrypt files vi GnuPG


homedir=$($xrgbin/default gpg_home)

if [[ $# -ne 2 ]]; then
  echo "gpg_script: Must supply 2 parameters" >&2
  exit 99

rm -f "$2.pgp" > /dev/null

gpg --homedir $homedir --no-tty --always-trust --recipient $1 \
    --output "$2.pgp" --encrypt "$2"
if [ $x -ne 0 ]; then
  echo "gpg_script: gpg failure code '$x'" >&2
echo "$2.pgp"
exit $x


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From: Frank Tobin []
Sent: Friday, June 21, 2002 9:01 AM
To: Steven Handleman
Subject: Re: Suppressing passphrase prompt

Steven Handleman, on 2002-06-21, wrote:

> I am a new user to GPG and I am hoping that someone on this list can
> provide an easy answer to this.  When I try to sign & encrypt a file
> (--sign -- encrypt --armor), gpg prompts me for a passphrase for my
> secret key.  Is there any way to suppress this prompt?  I need to
> suppress it because the encryption is going to become part of an
> automated batch file.

Use --passphrase-fd then for automated entering.

Frank Tobin

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