Suppressing passphrase prompt

Steven Handleman
Fri Jun 21 20:09:01 2002

After I posted my question, I did what I should have done in the first place - I 
checked the archives.  I then found a suggested C solution to the problem 
which I am going to adapt for my purposes.  Since I am on NT (I should have 
included that in my original email), I'd be interested in your solution as well.


On 21 Jun 2002, at 10:54, Clough, Samuel wrote:

> If you are on Windows NT like I am, I can tell you how I solved this.  It
> is a little ugly, but not too bad. If you know C there is a guy with a C
> solution.  I might could dig it up for you.  I do not have C available at
> work so I had to come up with my own workaround.

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