GPG Decrypt via PHP

Leigh S. Jones
Thu Jun 27 16:15:01 2002

This question and it's variants appears on the list very

Your choice of PHP limits your options somewhat. In
the end, the --passphrase-fd option is the only option
that you have, and it's difficult to do in PHP.  I'd imagine
that you'll need to write a wrapper program to call from
PHP -- an executable created in C -- in order to
accomplish what you're trying to do...

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Subject: GPG Decrypt via PHP

Hi List,

I try to decrypt gpg files on W2K with PHP dynamicly. What I need is a
command that includes all infomation for the decryption incl. the
passphrase. Iīve seen same parameter like --passphrase-fd, but I donīt
how I can use these.
I hope anyboby can help me

best regards

Nils Rebhan

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