Encrypting with a venders public key

Mestack, Jim B. JMestack@mc.utmck.edu
Thu Jun 27 16:35:02 2002

Hello, I am new to gpg, and have a July 1 deadline.  We have just installed
it on an HPUX machine.

I have downloaded one of our vendors public key's and --import fine.

But when I attempt to encrypt a file using their key, I get the following
gpg -r securekey --always-trust -o 20020627.gpg -e 20020627.opt

gpg: fatal: can't connect to `/home/meuser/.gnupg/entropy': No such file or
secmem usage: 2400/2400 bytes in 5/5 blocks of pool 2400/16384

Can someone please help identify what this means and what I need to do to
get it functioning.


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