implications of subkeys?

Steve Butler
Fri Mar 1 18:10:01 2002

Hmm.  This whole thread started because of somebody's desire to secure =
home communication versus their work site communication.  It really has=
a learning experience.  Your and David's helpful comments throughout th=
process have shed a lot of light.  So, if I have read everything correc=
it sounds like the general consensus is:
*  Have one signing only key pair -- the master set (most likely DSA of=

appropriate strength for long term usage).
*  Have one encryption sub-key (until most keyservers understand and
correctly handle multiple sub-keys) that is changed every so often.
*  Expose only the session-level key if possible when given a court ord=
(with appropriate legal counsel).
*  If must expose the encryption sub-key, then generate a new pair for
future use (and change it more often) and revoke the prior sub-key pair=

I guess this still doesn't answer the one individual's concern about wa=
to have business and personal encryption different in case a court orde=
forced exposure of one or the other key.  Sounds like we need to wait f=
updates to the keyservers.

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Steve Butler wrote/napisa=B3[a]/schrieb:

> The more comments I read, the closer I come to believing the best bet=
 is a
> key set for work and a totally separate key set for home.  Or more
> precisely, a personal set and a business set.

Don't do this. I did this once and still regret (my experiences with 'l=
v3 key' are a dim echo of this past). It complicates your web of trust
position, you have two set of user-ids to gather signatures, you never =
if your correspondent has the right key on and generally the hassle is
significant. And significantly bigger than for single key.

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