binary of 1.0.6 for IRIX?

uwe puchta
Mon Mar 4 08:03:02 2002

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I'm in search of a compiled Version of gnupg 1.0.6 for SGI 
IRIX 6.5 (MIPS3).

My rented Webspace is only on a shared Host and there is no 
compiler available for me. - So maybe someone could help me 
out and make a compiled version of gpg 1.0.6. available for 

... and yes, I know:
* there is a precompiled 1.0.2 version available at - but it has a insecure 
random key generator .. and I'm looking for 1.0.6.
* it's not such a good idea to have an encryption software 
compiled and provided by someone I don't know personally - 
but it's for my own personal privacy and not for comerical use

best wishes

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