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Steve Butler
Mon Mar 4 19:14:01 2002

Even then I think he wanted it all in a single file.

As for 'foo' and 'fubar', etc.  It's all based on well mis-understood
mathematical functions.  It's like f(x) or f'(x) or f"(x).  Or, just th=
to yourself "It's a math thing".

And man page is a Unix thing.  Very, very technical.  Even I haven't ma=
the art of writing one of those yet <<grin>>.

I guess you could say that the authors of the gpg web page were
unconsciously (I hope it was that anyway) showing their background.  Ju=
st as
I suspect your background is based in Microsoft products.  Not that one=
better than the other (you would have to ask "At what?" before venturin=
g an

I think the equivalent in the M/S word is Help File.

Anyway, I still think Unix shows its gender bias since they were not na=
woman pages.  <<ducking and running for the side curtains>>


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Hello Armin Sch=F6ch,

On Monday, March 04 2002 at 05:38 AM PDT, you wrote:

> Please read the man page before posting questions:
> To export public keys:
> gpg -a -o pubkey.asc --export <KEYID>
> To export secret keys:
> gpg -a -o seckey.asc --export-secret-keys <KEYID>

With all due respect Armin, the instructions exactly as you have listed=

do not exist in the "man page". What you have typed is a reflection of
your expertise in using GPG... not something you get by reading the
Manual once. ;o)

BTW, why does GnuPG use terms like "foo" and "man page"? The terms are
non-sensical... I've never even heard the term man page before... and
"foo" doesn't even exist? 

Nick Andriash
Courtenay, B.C.  Canada

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