Decrypt without password...

Steve Butler
Wed Mar 6 22:17:02 2002

Create your own script file called gpg_decrypt and accept the file name you
want to decrypt (without the .pgp extension)


echo "my pass phrase here" | gpg --homedir /etc/gnupg/homdir --passphrase-fd
0 --no-tty --output "$1" --decrypt "$1.pgp"

NOTE:  The quotes around $1 allow the file name to contain embedded spaces.
Embedded spaces in file names seems to be natural to Windows boxes.  It
causes havoc to Unix type scripts unless you are very careful to allow for
the spaces.

Or, just change your key to not have a pass phrase at all.

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From: Nazir Najjar []
Sent: Wednesday, March 06, 2002 12:39 PM
Subject: Decript without password...


Is there a way to decript files without having to type my private

I'd like to put this password as default to decript the massages cause i
want to make a script to do it by itself...

Is there a way to do it???

Thanks in advance,

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