Auto Descrypt

Steve Butler
Thu Mar 7 22:41:01 2002

This is asked about once a day.  I thought it was twice today -- but noticed
that the other one was actually yesterday!

1.  Don't use a pass phrase at all!  When it asks for a pass phrase just hit
the enter key.  See the man page (gpg text file for windows folks) regarding
the --edit option.  This is just as secure as the 2nd option and requires
less scripting changes.

2.  Feed the passphrase in your script via the echo command as in:
     echo "my pass phrase here" \
       | gpg --homedir /etc/gnupg/homdir --passphrase-fd 0 --no-tty --output
myoutfile --decrypt myinfile.pgp

This is korn shell syntax and subject to slight changes for Windows batch

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Is there a way to decript files without having to type my private

gpg -o file.txt --decrypt file.txt.gpg

Gpg needs the private password to decrypt. Is there a way to put this
password inside a file and do the command above without the need to put the
password?? Or is there another command that i can do it???

Thank you.

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