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Oyvind A. Holm sunny@sunbase.org
Sat Mar 9 23:33:01 2002

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On 2002-03-09 16:53-0500 Martin Blais wrote:
> On 2002-03-09 22:05:06+0100, Oyvind A. Holm wrote:
> > Another question is whether it should be changed on DOSish systems,
> > as the stdin/stdout thing is pretty unfamiliar in the DOS (aka
> > windows) world. But then it's a Bad Thing to make a program work
> > differently in different environments. That would lead to more
> > trouble than it's worth.
> good point, so i guess it cannot be changed.
> perhaps an option to alter that behaviour would be cool. that option
> could be put in the user's options file to get that behaviour.

That seems like a good idea. Having an "always-stdout" option would be
a good thing to have, especially when thinking of how hard it is to
completely erase data from hard disks once it's written. After all,
it's easy to redirect the output to a file. I still think the current
behaviour should be the default, but I see no drawback in having an
configuration option to achieve this behaviour.


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