Announcement for OpenCDK

Timo Schulz
Sun Mar 10 00:41:01 2002


I decided to create a library which implements basic parts
of the RFC2440 (OpenPGP) message format. This library will
be no replacement for any real OpenPGP application like PGP
or GPG. The goals of the library are to provide an API for
parsing packets and to work with OpenPGP keys.

There is also some code for signing, verification, encrypt
and decrypt, but this is only partly done.

Some of the code based on GPG and for all crypto functions
we referring to the libgcrypt library. This library is responsible
for secure memory, random generation and other sentensive parts.

Currently the library is work on progress, but for the people
who want to take a look at it can find the source on this webpage:

Of course the whole project is available under the terms of the 
GNU General Public License.