OpenPGP without GnuPG?

RJ Marquette
Fri Mar 15 05:03:01 2002

On Thu, 14 Mar 2002, pplf wrote:

> For info, it appears that Will Price, the Former Director of PGP
> Engineering, doesn't want to see the future of OpenPGP with GnuPG,
> saying : "GnuPG is polluted by the GPL". Too bad...

My main point:  He also asked to be shown if he's wrong.

Side note:  To (mis)quote the Romulan ambassador:  "Frankly, Chancellor, I
don't know *what* to believe."  My understanding is that the GPL isn't
intend to be "viral" in the sense he meant it, but since many people are
confused by that, and companies like Microsoft can twist the wording into
showing it's "wrong" and "un-american", maybe the wording in the GPL
should be revised somehow to make the true intention clear.  Obviously
this won't stop determined FUD spreading, but it should make it simpler
for anyone who takes a moment to actually read it.

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