Re[2]: Passphrase in the command line

Lobach Pavel Lobach Pavel <>
Fri Mar 15 15:02:01 2002

Hello, Erik

Friday, March 15, 2002, 4:42:11 PM, you wrote:

E> Hello Lobach,

E> On Fri, 15 Mar 2002, at 16:01:43 [GMT +0300] you wrote in the message:

>> I have a question about the GPG's command line:

>> How can I specify the passhprase in the command line?

>> in the PGP 6.5.8 command-line there is option

E> see

E>        --passphrase-fd n
E>                  Read  the  passphrase from file descriptor n. If
E>                  you use 0 for n, the  passphrase  will  be  read
E>                  from  stdin.     This  can  only be used if only
E>                  one passphrase  is  supplied.   Don't  use  this
E>                  option if you can avoid it.

E>        --yes     Assume "yes" on most questions.

E>        --no      Assume "no" on most questions.

E> There may be more useful options, just check

I know about --passphrase-fd n,
but it is not usable under Win9x :(

Also I know about a secret key without the password (--edit passwd)
I read  man and forum :)

!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need ability to specify password in the command line !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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