GPA-0.5 ???

Peter Gerwinski
Mon Mar 18 22:22:06 2002

Jochen Küpper wrote:
> Is 0.5 just the same as 0.4.3?

Not really:

    birdie/home/peter/src> diff -Nurp gpa-0.4.3 gpa-0.5.0 | wc
      31654  113267  954484

> Or are there any 'political' reasons
> to keep development closed nowadays?

The source code is under the GNU GPL and publicly available for
free. That's not exactly what I'd call "closed development".

> Anything else?

There was a deadline to meet. Keeping the CVS in sync and
discussing everything on this list would have meant to miss it.
So I just went on my way and produced gpa-0.5.0.tar.gz in time.

If you are willing to spend two months or so improving GPA, be
welcome to do it your way.

Currently I do not have the time to sync the new source with the
CVS - sorry for that. (For example, I would have to write a *long*
ChangeLog, and to hack my changes to the Makefiles into the various
autofoo input files - and I am not familiar with those autofoo

If you are willing to help merging back both versions of GPA, be

    Peter Gerwinski
(_G-N-U_)   Dr. rer. nat. Peter Gerwinski <>
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