Announcing a GnuPG "plugin" for Mozilla (Enigmail)

Brenno J.S.A.A.F. de Winter
Wed Mar 20 23:05:01 2002

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I think that I speak for a lot and I mean A LOT of users to say that
this is a very good and big step forward! Thank you! I have announced it
already in several mailinglists! Thanks.
R. Saravanan wrote:

| Enigmail, a GnuPG "plugin" for Mozilla which has been under
| development for some time, has now reached a state of practical
| usability with the Mozilla 0.9.9 release. It allows you to send or
| receive encrypted mail using the Mozilla mailer and GPG. Enigmail is
| open source and dually licensed under GPL/MPL. You can download and
| install the software from the website
| Enigmail is cross-platform like Mozilla, although binaries are
| supplied only for the Win32 and Linux-x86 platforms on the website.At
| the moment there is no version of Enigmail available for Netscape 6.2
| or earlier, which are based on much older versions of Mozilla.There
| will be a version available for the next Netscape release, which is
| expected to be based on Mozilla 1.0.
| You may post enigmail-specific comments to the Enigmail
| newsgroup/mailing list at
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