how to revoke a key?

Micha Holzmann
Mon Mar 25 16:09:02 2002


a friend has lost his passphrase. He created a revocation ceritificate,
but do not know how to revoke it at the key servers.

I told him first he should import the revocation certifikate into his
keyring and afterwards he should export his key and send this export
to the key-server.

First he sent me his exported key. I was able to import it and saw that
it is revoked. But the transfer to the keyserver fails.

I tried to find information with google, but nowhere was an exact example.
So i am not really sure if my insctrucions where ok.

gpg was started as following:

gpg --send-keys --keyserver revoked-key.asc

kind regards,
Micha Holzmann

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