how to revoke a key?

Micha Holzmann
Mon Mar 25 21:03:02 2002

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>From    : "Janusz A. Urbanowicz" <>
Sent    : Mon, Mär 25, 2002 at 04:20:36 +0100
Subject : Re: how to revoke a key?

> > gpg --send-keys --keyserver revoked-key.asc
> after you import the key, you send it to keyservers via 
>  gpg --send-keys --keyserver <keyID>

Sorry, i must correct what i wrote. We start gpg as you

My friend got this error:

gpg: Warnung: Sensible Daten könnten auf Platte ausgelagert werden.
gpg: Senden an' erfolglos (status=400)

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