Changing from long UID to UID

David Shaw
Tue Mar 26 00:55:02 2002

On Mon, Mar 25, 2002 at 03:13:42PM -0800, Rasoul Hajikhani wrote:
> Folks,
> this question may sound trivial for some of you, but I am a new bee to
> gpg, so forgive me if I offend some people. How do I get a UID from a
> long UID?

I assume you mean key ID?  The regular or short key ID is just the
lower half of the long key ID.

For example:

Long keyID:  DB698D7199242560
Short keyID:         99242560

Incidentally, for OpenPGP keys (DH/DSS or v4 RSA) you can do the same
trick with "how do I get a key id from a fingerprint".

Fingerprint: 7D92FD313AB6F3734CC59CA1DB698D7199242560
Long keyID:                          DB698D7199242560
Short keyID:                                 99242560


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