FAQ item?: Using GnuPG in a business

David Shaw dshaw@jabberwocky.com
Tue Mar 26 19:28:02 2002

With the recent changes at NAI/pgp.com, there has been a definite
upswing with the "can I legally use GnuPG in my business?" questions.

While the GPL discussions are interesting, I suspect that the majority
of the people asking this question are companies that just want to use
GnuPG now that they can't use PGP.  Most questions of code
modification or distribution don't apply to them - they just want a
PGP-alike to use.  Naturally, the GPL lets them do this.

Could someone write this up and stick it on a web page somewhere?  If
nobody jumps at it, perhaps I'll have a crack at it in a couple of
days.  The idea here is to make it very clear that if they're just
talking about using it (rather than making their own version and
distributing the changes, or whatever else), then they don't need to
bother to read beyond the first paragraph.

Maybe this should be a FAQ - I saw Douglas Calvert volunteered to be
the new FAQ maintainer.


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