Problem importing a secret key

Oyvind A. Holm
Sat Mar 30 13:41:01 2002

On 2002-03-30 13:16-0000 Teiva martin wrote:

> I have a problem importing a secret key from another
> computer. I've made a "gpg --export-secret-key --armor
> teiva", scp the key to the other computer, but there, all I
> have is a :
> teiva@zephyr:~/.gnupg$ gpg --import
> --allow-secret-key-import teiva_pvkey.asc
> gpg: key B7E9F209: no user ID
> gpg: Total number processed: 1
> gpg: secret keys read: 1
> What did I made wrong ?

Judging from the error message it seems as GPG also wants the public
key. The secret key contains no personal information, so GnuPG has no
user ID that refer to this secret key. Try to import the public key
first, then import the secret key the way you did.


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