Cygwin and 1.0.7

Johan Wevers
Wed May 1 21:12:01 2002


I tried to compile gpg 1.0.7 on Cygwin today. It succeeded, and I finally
got a working executable, but there were some problems:

- I had to copy libutil.a, libcipher.a and libzlib.a to /lib by hand,
  otherwise I got linker errors. I assume this is either a fault in
  my Cygwin installation, or the generated makefile doesn't set the
  linker path correctly.

- The resulting executable works on the commandline, but not with
  WinPT 0.5.11 (it shows there are 0 keys on my keyring). The exe from does work OK with WinPT, are there differences on how
  functions are called between exes created by Mingw32 and Cygwin?

- The command gpg -kvv gives a segfault on my exe but works OK with the
  exe from

- I could not get keys from a keyserver with both executables, but I assume
  the company firewall is to blame here.

Can anyone more experienced with these environments shed a light on this

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