Cygwin and 1.0.7

Leigh S. Jones, KR6X
Thu May 2 01:08:01 2002

Last question: keyservers with Win32 versions don't seem
to be working, except with Win9x, per an earlier post not
attributable to me.  WinPT accesses keyservers directly
rather than calling gpg to perform keyserver interface, so
it works on windows versions where gpg/mingw32 can't
seem to talk to keyservers.

Other questions: I noted a strange reality using cygwin
bash shell.  After successfully compiling/installing gpg
on cygwin, I discovered that when I accessed gpg by
typing at the command line I'd get the gpg/mingw32
installation that resided in my C:\WinNT directory (by
my choice) and I'd see the keyrings at C:\gnupg\*.gpg
rather than the keyrings at ~/.gnupg/*.gpg.  Apparently
the path has C:\WinNT ahead of the "UNIX" path entries
so anything found on C:\WinNT gets executed ahead of
anything on /usr/local/bin.

So I'd suggest that you could possibly have told WinPT
the wrong location for your keyring.  Or WinPT accesses
a different version of gpg than you think it does.

Also, on several implementations of gpg 1.0.7 and 1.0.6
I have always received 'gpg: Invalid option "-kw"' in
response to "gpg -kw".  I do see that "gpg -k" results in
a listing of keys, although I don't seem to be finding that
one on the "man" page...

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> Hello,
> I tried to compile gpg 1.0.7 on Cygwin today. It succeeded, and I finally
> got a working executable, but there were some problems:
> - I had to copy libutil.a, libcipher.a and libzlib.a to /lib by hand,
>   otherwise I got linker errors. I assume this is either a fault in
>   my Cygwin installation, or the generated makefile doesn't set the
>   linker path correctly.
> - The resulting executable works on the commandline, but not with
>   WinPT 0.5.11 (it shows there are 0 keys on my keyring). The exe from
> does work OK with WinPT, are there differences on how
>   functions are called between exes created by Mingw32 and Cygwin?
> - The command gpg -kvv gives a segfault on my exe but works OK with the
>   exe from
> - I could not get keys from a keyserver with both executables, but I
>   the company firewall is to blame here.
> Can anyone more experienced with these environments shed a light on this
> please?
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