Keyserver question - key id

Ivan G.
Thu May 2 11:41:02 2002

I apologize if this is an ignorant question... I have little knowledge of 

I attempted to export 2 gpg keys to the keyserver.
One of the id's however was changed - I searched the keys online.

When exported, the key id translates back to the original.
I thought it's the keyserver's way of handling duplicate id's but I am not 
sure if that's true.

The result is: 
	 -my signature is marked "unknown signator"
	 -any files signed with my public key will fail the automatic key retrieval 
since there is no such key ...correct id is 1D51605D. Changed to 1AA20E95 as 
shown below.
How do I resolve this problem?

search online
Look at the second key and sig.

Type bits/keyID    Date       User ID
pub  1024/2C50CC77 2002/05/02 Ivan Gyurdiev (Light) 
          Key fingerprint =  C0 14 DB 73 EA BB DA F9  CA D5 65 31 5D 0F C0 8E 
 2C 50 CC 77 
sig       2C50CC77             Ivan Gyurdiev (Light) 
pub  4096/1AA29E95 2002/05/02 Ivan Gyurdiev (Secure) 
          Key fingerprint =  EE 82 E8 AD BF DD 6C B1  FE 88 93 A2 54 A3 C0 AE
sig       1D51605D             (Unknown signator, can't be checked)