error: can't mmap pool

Rejo Zenger
Thu May 2 13:35:02 2002

++ 02/05/02 10:48 +0200 - Werner Koch:
>>   gpg: can't mmap pool of 16384 bytes: Invalid argument - using
>>   malloc
>You have to tell us mopre about your system (system, libc version,

It (old P/MMX) runs Linux 2.2.18. The distribution that was used is SuSE
7.1. The error started to appear after upgrading from SuSE 6.3. I seem
to run glibc version 2.2 release 7. Just before upgrading Linux, I have
upgraded GnuPG from 1.0.6 to 1.0.7. I didn't have the time to check that

>Is MAP_ANONYMOUS defined in the config.h?

No. It's not mentioned in that file at all.

I have noticed that configures is checking for mmap, it says it has
found it. I don't have any knowledge when it comes to this kind of
stuff, but maybe this is what you are looking for:

  configure:4991: checking for working mmap
  configure:5127: gcc -o conftest -g -O2   conftest.c  >&5
  configure:5130: $? = 0
  configure:5132: ./conftest
  configure:5135: $? = 0
  configure:5147: result: yes

  configure:9212: checking for mmap
  configure:9249: gcc -o conftest -g -O2   conftest.c -ldl  >&5
  configure:9252: $? = 0
  configure:9255: test -s conftest
  configure:9258: $? = 0
  configure:9268: result: yes

I hope this helps,


#, pgp: see headers,