viewing encrypted message in pine

Thien Huu
Fri May 3 01:16:02 2002

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I've got pine & gnupg working to the point
where I can sign, encrypt or both, sending
messages, but when I get a message back
from someone on my keyring, or if I try
to view an encrypted message I sent which
did the encrypt to self routine, I can't
figure out how to view it. I've read the
man pages & checked the send & receive
settings & mine are exactly the same.
I've searched gnupg docs, did searches
on google, but so far no luck. Read the
examples & docs that install with the
programs too, but so far, no luck. Hope
someone understands what I'm trying to
ask. I also tried changing ISO-8859-1
to ascii settings, thinking maybe the
program didn't like the character set
of the fonts I was using. Thanks for
any & all help I can get on this. Not
trying to get a free ride, just a push
in the right direction, like maybe some
good links that have a variety of good

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