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Owen Blacker
Fri May 3 23:14:02 2002

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Thien Huu wrote (2002-05-02 T 18:16 -0500):
> I've got pine & gnupg working to the point where I can sign, encrypt
> or both, sending messages, but when I get a message back from someone
> on my keyring, or if I try to view an encrypted message I sent which
> did the encrypt to self routine, I can't figure out how to view it.
> I've read the man pages & checked the send & receive settings & mine
> are exactly the same. I've searched gnupg docs, did searches on
> google, but so far no luck. Read the examples & docs that install with
> the programs too, but so far, no luck. Hope someone understands what
> I'm trying to ask. I also tried changing ISO-8859-1 to ascii settings,
> thinking maybe the program didn't like the character set of the fonts
> I was using. Thanks for any & all help I can get on this. Not trying
> to get a free ride, just a push in the right direction, like maybe
> some good links that have a variety of good examples.

Have you set up a display-filter ?

One of the lines in my .pinerc reads:

   display-filters=_LEADING("-----BEGIN PGP ")_ /usr/local/bin/gpg --decrypt

, and it processes everything quite nicely.

Can you decrypt on the command line ok in that OS?  It's not a problem
with having ported your secret key from Windows to a unix, is it?  (I
think that one's in the FAQs, but you need to set your passphrase to be
an empty string whilst you port it)


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