key expiration

Leigh S. Jones
Sat May 4 20:45:01 2002

You can freely extend the expiration date of your certificate.

gpg --edit-key 0x########


Command> expire

follow the instructions.  Type, for instance, 2y.

Confirm and enter your passphrase.

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From: "Adam Young" <>
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Sent: Saturday, May 04, 2002 9:54 AM
Subject: key expiration

> When I first began using gnupg, I created 2 keys that both had an
> expiration date 1 year from the creation date.  I was thinking this
> would be a good idea, but now in hind-sight's only causing me
> problems.  So what I wanted to clarify, and hopefully get things
> straight is:
> How exactly do I go about either a) extending expiration or, b)
> revoking, and re-creating new keys
> I thought for option b, that you would:
> gpg --gen-revoke <key>
> gpg --send-keys <revoke_key>
> then go about re-creating new keys, is this the way...or am I far
> base with what is supposed to happen?
> Adam
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