key expiration

Charly Avital
Sat May 4 22:15:01 2002

At 11:52 AM -0700 5/4/02, Leigh S. Jones wrote:
>You can freely extend the expiration date of your certificate.
>gpg --edit-key 0x########

+++++That would relate to the primary key only, that never expires.
The subkey's expiry date has to be modified.

Before entering the expire command, the subkey (secondary key) must be
selected using the command:

Command> key N , where N is the user ID. In Adam's case, the user ID is 1

therefore the command should be:

Command> key 1

this will print an output where, in the subkey line, sub is followed by a star,
sub* etc...., indicating the subkey has been selected.

Command> expire, printing an ouput relating specifically to the "secondary
key", with the expiry options to choose from.
After the choice, comes confirmation (y/n?   y), and the passphrase,

The new output will show the subkey with the new expiry date.

Command> save

Saving the changes, and bringing the Terminal back to the home prompt.


>Command> expire
>follow the instructions.  Type, for instance, 2y.
>Confirm and enter your passphrase.