Re [2]: GPG private key still does not work with PGP

Robert Allerstorfer Robert Allerstorfer <>
Sun May 5 18:42:01 2002

Hi David,

David Shaw wrote:

> GnuPG uses a different (more secure) method to store the secret key
> data.  If you want to use it in PGP, you must do these two steps:
> Change the key to the older, less secure format:
>   gpg --simple-sk-checksum --edit (yourkeyid)
>   Use "passwd" to change the password.  You can change it to anything,
>   even right back to the current password if you like.
> Export the secret key:
>   gpg --no-comment --export-secret-keys -a -o sec.asc
> Done.
> David

thank you, that was it! For users, that want to generate a new keypair
that is PGP 6.5.8 comatible the following procedure may be preferred:

In the ~/.gnupg/options file, be sure to include


The first option is required to be able to import the GPG exported
private key into PGP. But, the passphrase will still not be recognized
unless the second option is also given. Therefote, wouldn't it be
better to not only imply

--disable-mdc --no-comment --escape-from-lines --force-v3-sigs --no-ask-sig-expire --compress-algo 1

to --pgp6, but also --simple-sk-checksum? Just a suggestion. Another
thing I found that the manpage describing '--pgp6' says something
about '--escape-from'. This should be '--escape-from-lines' I guess.
Just a note...