sultan emir
Sun May 5 20:17:01 2002



 I have decided to get in touch with you for
 in relation to the following business proposal,having
 obtained your contact through your local chamber of

 The recomendation is based on the promise that your 
 business dealing is suitable for the investment of 
 our money totaling US$25.5millions united state 
 dollars in two metal crates presently lodged in a 
 security deposit vault in Madrid,Spain.

 I am Mr John Koroma,a citizen of Sierra Leone,cousin
 and confident of sir Foday Sankoh of Sierra Leone,
 fighting to oust the present leadership of president
 Ahmed Tejan Kabbah. I managed to escape from my 
 country in Freetown (when my cousin Sankoh had a
problem with the Economic Community Of West Africa
 Monitory Forces),who has planned to systematically
 destroyed all that Foday Sankoh has acquired.

 I escaped with two of the several sealed metallic 
 trunk boxess which he left in my care in a secret
 location in the village and which he had already
 briefed me on the contents of the consignment,
 (US$25.5m)twenty five million,five hundred thousand
 United States Dollars, and 200kg of Gold dust,
 (Raw Gold and a separate box containing unpolised
 diamond 600kg,this last item is secured in Kenya his
 wife´s own village.

 On arrival in Madrid-Spain through my cousin´s 
 diplomatic connections,i arranged with a reliable
 security company based in Spain where i lodged the 
 tow metal crates as a family treasure.The false
 content decleration was necessary for avoidance of
 betrayal either in transit or while in custody. The 
 two crates were lodged in a fixed deposit arrangement
and i was issued with certificate of deposit and
 a reciept issued to me after i made the initial
 payment of US$22,600(twenty two thousand six hundred
 United States dollars). The need for confidetial
 handling is very important in view of the capture
 of sir Foday Sankoh,which leads to the"Lome Peace 
 Accord"and my master Foday is in Government custody
 awaiting prosecution penalty on war crime.You can
 contact me on Telephone no.0034686117833 or e-mail me
 at( more detail discussion 
 that will improve your understanding.

 It will be my pleasure to be able to co-operate with
 you on terms that you wish,and also this transaction
will need your pressence in Madrid Spain for face to
 face meeting for completion of this deal.While in
Madrid-Spain,you will be required to open a
non-residential account,which you will use as a
transit for
 this tansaction,25% of the total sum have been mapped
 out for your effort, while 5% for any expences that 
 will occure,will the remaining 70% will be invested
in your country.
 Yours sincerely


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