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Mon May 6 13:48:02 2002

Dear gnupg-users:

You may ask yourself
      >    How to make people respect you
      >    How to win friends
      >    How to let your conduct help your health, work, job, career, re=
lationships, spirit,  mind, well-being, =2E=2E=2E
      >    How to make your life smoother and happier=20
      >    How to do whatever you like without being unpleasant to other p=
      >    How to develop good conduct in your children or students=20
      >    How to make the world peaceful and better

You can find all the answers to these questions, and much more, in this gr=
eat handbook:
"Complete Conduct Principles for the 21st Century" by Dr=2E John Newton=20=

It is the best educational GIFT idea for children, friends, relatives, cla=
ssmates, students, parents, teachers, other educators, =2E=2E=2E, particul=
arly at this special time=2E=20

BENEFITS to each individual reader: Many! -- such as for health, work, job=
, career, self-improvement, education, relationships, spirit, mind, well-b=
eing, and much more -- almost all the areas that are important to you in t=
he 21st century=2E People around you will benefit, too=2E (Please see the =
PREFACE of the book for details=2E)=20

EVERYONE may find this handbook useful and helpful, regardless of age (fro=
m children to oldsters), occupation, rank, status, gender, religious belie=
fs, nationality, country, or region=2E=20

If you are a parent or a teacher, you can learn how to develop good conduc=
t in your children or students from this handbook=2E Please advise your ch=
ildren or students to read the book=2E It will result in great benefits fo=
r both you and them=2E=20

(Note: If you are interested in the issue of School Violence, Youth Proble=
ms, Violence Prevention, or Conduct Education in the 21st Century, please =
see the APPENDIX below=2E) =20

This book is a must for EVERYONE to be better prepared for personal conduc=
t for the 21st century=2E=20

The book's content is obvious from its title=2E The complete useful conduc=
t principles cover not only what we should do, but also what we should not=
 do -- especially those faults people make often and easily=2E=20

This timely, unique, and very important handbook is designed to suit most =
people, and is self-contained and user-friendly=2E=20

This book is significantly different and better than competitive works=2E

Some of its innovative contents may help solve problems that Western cultu=
re cannot=2E=20

The book's merit and importance have been recognized and praised by many e=
xperts, elected public officials, and world leaders=2E

How to make the world peaceful and better ---
You can find the solution in the book=2E
Let's work together to make the world peaceful and better!=20

The author, John Newton, holds a Ph=2ED=2E from MIT, and does researches a=
t Harvard=2E His long-term research on "The personal conduct in the human =
society of the 21st century" resulted in this book=2E It is published by N=
icer Century World Organization, headquartered beside Harvard University a=
nd MIT, two leading institutes of new knowledge and literature=2E

The book is available in two types of binding: Hardcover (ISBN 0967370574;=
 case bound, Smyth sewn; with dust jacket) and Paperback (ISBN 0967370582;=
 perfect bound)=2E Both editions are unabridged, and are printed on 60 lb,=
 natural, acid-free, excellent and healthful paper=2E You can get the book=
 from many fine on-line bookstores and traditional bookstores=2E For your =
convenience, I herewith provide you with a link directly to the book page =
in the shopping directory of Yahoo!, the world's No=2E 1 Internet director=


Some bookstores there offer great discounts (for a limited time)=2E Note t=
hat some of the bookstores may disappear there if out-of-stock=2E In that =
case, you may want to go to another bookstore=2E Of course, you may freely=
 go to other bookstores at any time, even if they are not listed in Yahoo!=

Please forward this e-mail to people you know -- children, friends, relati=
ves, classmates, students, parents, teachers, other educators, =2E=2E=2E, =
because they can benefit from it, too=2E This can be a wonderful kindness =
you provide to them!

gnupg-users, best wishes to you!

Sincerely yours,

Tom Carter, Ph=2ED=2E
President, Nicer Century World Organization
Massachusetts, USA

(Nicer Century World Organization is an educational, non-profit, non-parti=
san organization; it endeavors to make the 21st century nicer than ever be=
fore=2E To accomplish its mission, Nicer Century World Organization is pro=
ud to introduce this book=2E)=20


APPENDIX: School Violence, Youth Problems, Violence Prevention, and Conduc=
t Education in the 21st Century

In recent years school violence has made many pieces of nation-shaking hig=
hlighted headline news, which have astounded the Americans=2E It may happe=
n at any school, at any time, and by students of any age=2E Some experts b=
elieve this is the most important national crisis the U=2ES=2E is facing=2E=

"In the 21st century the problem will happen not only continuously in the =
U=2ES=2E but also in lots of other countries all over the world, if we do =
not act=2E" said Dr=2E John Newton in the late 20th century=2E Recent trag=
edies have proved this warning prediction=2E

"The most effective and proper way to solve the problem is appropriate con=
duct education=2E" said Dr=2E Newton=2E

"The significance of the problem" is much more important than "the number =
of people killed in schools"=2E=20

In addition to shooting and killing, other kinds of school violence, such =
as rape, sexual assault, aggravated assault, robbery, bullying, mugging, f=
ighting, theft, harassment, =2E=2E=2E, and other youth problems, like suic=
ide, suicide attempt, suicide inclination, pessimism, sense of inferiority=
, lose of  self-control, relationship problems, emotion problems, drug abu=
se, discrimination, =2E=2E=2E, cannot be ignored, either=2E

Some measures may handle a few "symptoms" temporarily and partially but ar=
e not solutions for education, particularly in view of our responsibilitie=
s for the whole society=2E

Now an effective, proper, comprehensive, deep-rooted and permanent solutio=
n is needed!

The book, "Complete Conduct Principles for the 21st Century" by Dr=2E John=
 Newton, is regarded as "the very one that can effectively help solve the =
problem of school violence in a right way" by some experts in education, i=
ncluding Dr=2E Steve White, who pointed out clearly: "If students, teacher=
s and parents can learn the conduct principles in this book well, then tha=
t 'unsolvable' problem will be solved=2E  It is not difficult at all to le=
arn them, because the book is a simple, easy, clear, convenient and self-c=
ontained handbook, well designed to suit most people=2E" The book was also=
 praised as "a compendium of concisely expressed, practical, informative, =
pertinent, workable advice" by Michael J=2E Carson, a professional book re=

"Unlike most books of this subject, it is NOT a religious book, nor is a c=
ollection of old conduct rules=2E"=20

As analyzed in the Preface of the book, "from now on learning good conduct=
 should be placed as No=2E 1 in education=2E"=20

The book's merit and importance have been recognized and praised by many e=
ducation experts, elected public officials, and world leaders=2E Some educ=
ational units, ranging from the level of nation or state to individual sch=
ool or university, have ordered the book either as textbook/reference book=
 or as an active action to prevent school violence, to improve education a=
nd to benefit students, teachers & parents=2E=20

"The book will also be effective for violence prevention for the whole soc=

Hence, to prevent school violence and other violence, to improve education=
, and to benefit students, teachers, parents, & the whole society, I earne=
stly request you to inform the students, teachers, parents, school library=
 and other relevant people you know of the availability of the book=2E

A reasonable method you may consider choosing is to simply  forward this l=
etter to them=2E

Although it will be helpful and appreciated, it is NOT necessary that you =
state any endorsement or the like=2E

Your efforts to prevent school violence and other violence, to improve edu=
cation, and to benefit students, teachers, parents, & the whole society wi=
ll be highly appreciated=2E