CR/LF [was: Zeilenumbruch]
Mon May 6 14:09:02 2002


> 1. "current wiindow verschl=FCsseln" funktioniert nicht=20
> [winpt current window encryption doesnt work]

> 2. Beim Verschl=FCsseln =FCber die Zwischenablage werden die=20
> [LF/CR broken when using clipboard]

Either try to upgrade WinPT (0.5.11 devel is out, IIRC) or give =
GPGShell[1] a try, as it has a very nice and intuitive interface as =

BTW: As you might already have noticed this is an english mailing list, =
so don't write in german, please. :-)



Thorsten Delbrouck-Konetzko