moving gpg to another PC

Werner Koch
Mon May 6 21:05:02 2002

On Mon, 6 May 2002 10:15:32 -0700, Steve Butler said:

> I saw the main developer ask for the logs of the builds for the two boxes.
> So you have at least come up on their radar <<grin>>.

GnuPG used to run on all kinds of machines be it 32 bit, 64 bit, big
or little endian.  I don't understand why the keyIDs are different
everything is of course stored in network byte.

> As to the questions of showing the list information, there is nothing there
> that would compromise your keys in anyway.  In fact, uploading your public

But one might publish information which are not intended for the
public, for example whether a key is locally signed or what trust
level you assign to a key's owner.

Some of these information are new in 1.0.7:

pub  1024D/585B12A9 1998-09-30 Heinrich Heine (alpha test key)
sig!3       585B12A9 1998-09-30   Heinrich Heine (alpha test key)
sig!1 L     621CC013 2002-05-06   Werner Koch <>
sub  1024g/DB2405A5 1998-09-30
sig!        585B12A9 1998-09-30   Heinrich Heine (alpha test key)

1.0.6 didn't showed you the signature class and the L flag with a
the plain text listing.