moving gpg to another PC

Steve Butler
Mon May 6 19:15:02 2002

I saw the main developer ask for the logs of the builds for the two boxes.
So you have at least come up on their radar <<grin>>.

Looks like if you have the same version on both boxes it probably boils down
to a difference in the way the boxes handle the storing of certain types of
data.  Werner will be the best to pursue the problem.

As to the questions of showing the list information, there is nothing there
that would compromise your keys in anyway.  In fact, uploading your public
key to a key server will provide more information.  Here are several formats
of the list.  Turns out that it is the initial output from the edit command
that I thought might be most helpful.  It shows the user IDs and the
sub-keys all tied together.  You can do this on the source machine.  The
third method should show that you have a userID attached.

gpg --list-key helpdesk
pub  1024D/1B32D54B 2001-10-16 First Choice Health Network (FCHN)
sub  2048g/5A2CEA48 2001-10-16

gpg --with-colons --list-key helpdesk
pub:u:1024:17:5715C8801B32D54B:2001-10-16::59:-:First Choice Health Network
(FCHN) <>::scESC:

gpg --no-batch --edit helpdesk
Secret key is available.

pub  1024D/1B32D54B  created: 2001-10-16 expires: never      trust: -/u
sub  2048g/5A2CEA48  created: 2001-10-16 expires: never     
(1). First Choice Health Network (FCHN) <>

Command> quit

You are in good hands with Werner.



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