moving gpg to another PC

Nic Ferrier
Mon May 6 18:58:01 2002

"Steve Butler" <> writes:

> First off, the developers are also here and have been a great help to me in 
> the past in this list.   
> Second, I'm not an expert user, but do try to help as best I can. 
> In that light, I'm beginning to suspect that the source key isn't signed 
> correctly.  Now, that might be an artifact of moving from 1.0.6 to 1.0.7 
> without that one step about rebuilding the key caches (I forget the actual 
> syntax).  

It's not that because I'm not moving versions. I didn't think that
was a good idea so I'm using the same source code, just on 2
different machines.

> Then again, that might not be it either.  But the following 
> questions need to be answered before we proceed: 
> 1.  What version of gpg created the key pair?  (it was gpg instead
> of pgp?) 

GPG 1.0.6.

> 2.  What version of gpg is currently on your source box?  

GPG 1.0.6.

> 3.  What version of gpg is on your destination box? 

GPG 1.0.6

> 4.  What type of key pair? 


> 5.  Please provide a gpg --list-key 'X' output (maybe even with the 
> --with-colons option) 

What are the implications of supplying this information?

One of my problems with GNU PG is that the documentation is very
poor (if I can get this working I will supply a patch to the HOWTO).

There is no description of the output of --list-key and what the
implications of revealing it might be, if somebody wants to see the
information to solve the problem then I'm happy to supply it but I'd
rather not just publish it.

> With that information (and perhaps some follow-up questions)
> somebody will be able to provide help. 

That would be cool. This seems like a fairly common thing to want to
do and I don't understand why there's a problem.