106 -> 107 and incompatibilities

David T-G davidtg-gnupg@justpickone.org
Thu May 9 16:19:02 2002

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Hi, all --

Maybe I'm putting my foot in my mouth here, but it seems to me that such
major changes the are backwards-incompatible call for a minor revision
bump (say to 1.1.0 or 1.2.0, depending on whether or not you're using
linux-kernel-style release and development versioning) rather than just
a patchlevel bump to 7.  While I did see that there are incompatible
changes, I didn't think they'd be so drastic as to destroy my trustdb or
lose my ultimate key (actually, I have three or four ultimately-trusted
keys; it didn't find any)!

I have rolled back to 1.0.6 and gone back to my backups for the trustdb
file, so I am now operating again, but I think I need to better understand
the migration process before trying this again.

I have multiple gpg keyrings so that I can have a bit of organization.
I keep my current key as well as those of a few close friends in
pubring.gpg (and, of course, secring.gpg), and I have rings for my old
keys, various lists, CERT-type authorities, and so on as well as a
catch-all ring that should get anything that gets imported.

When I switched to 1.0.7 it was unable to find an ultimately-trusted
key.  I don't at the moment remember the specific error message or the
circumstances that led up to it, and I'd rather not run 1.0.7 again and
have to recover my trustdb again :-)

Assuming the answer for MAX_RESOURCES from my other note comes through
and 1.0.7 will then have space to recognize all of my keyrings (though I
fail to see how that's related since my primary key is in pubring.gpg
which gets seen first), just what do I need to do to migrate to 1.0.7?


BTW, if anyone has any handy tricks for moving keys from one ring to
another, I'd love to see them.  I have a brute-force script with my
catch-all ring hardcoded in it so that I don't have to do so much typing,
but the only way I know of to direct where the key will land is to skip
my options file (--options /dev/null) and then specify the keyring on the
command line, which is sure a pain to type.

Similarly, if there's a trick for specifying where keys will land so that
any keys imported while I'm reading, say, my mutt-users mailbox will go
into my mutt keyring I'd love to hear about that, too.

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