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Hello Steve,

Wednesday, May 8, 2002, 8:34:19 PM, you wrote:

SK> None provided. If you want to wipe the swap file properly on
SK> 9.x/ME, you have to disable dynamic swap file allocation, and use
SK> a 3rd party app like eraserd.exe. I have used DOS batch to
SK> reconfigure autoexec.bat to tell the wiper to eat win386.swp on
SK> start-up, then return to normal automagically. (Anyone wants the
SK> generic batch files, ask & I'll send them along.)

For Win98 the Eraser instructions state you have to boot to DOS to run
eraserd.exe. I've written batch file to run eraserd.exe on a
multi-boot PC, to wipe swap files for both bootable partitions.

If I could do this when booting into Win98 that would be good to know.
Unless my thinking is wrong if you suspect or are paranoid about
someone having physical access to your PC and stealing your keys, your
best bet is to use eraserd.exe after shutting Win98 down to DOS, then
power down.
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ps.  Steve sorry for the direct email, it was meant for the list.

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