Win32 internals

Sebastian Kumos
Fri May 10 11:58:02 2002

> If you want an /efficient/ version of EE, check this:

Thanks for this great info.

> routine clean-up chores around the hard drive, and comes with
> a DOS application, eraserd.exe, that happily accepts commands
> from DOS batch.  Unlike EE and EEE, it's GPL.

I've been using Eraser for a while but used EE (the bad one ;-)
since I couldn't find a way to wipe registry stuff.

> (...) To spot data leaks from applications (such as the
> temporary files written & wiped by the GPGtray front end), use
> filemon.exe from -- lotsa fun free
> toys there.

Yes, they are great, I'm now using contig and pagedefrag, great apps,
no need to buy norton or similar software.

> If you need to wipe (not just delete) registry keys, I only
> know of one way to do it:  Have autoexec.bat wipe your entire
> system.dat & user.dat files on start-up, and replace them from
> known clean backups. (Remember to update the backups when
> you install or remove applications!)

Many thanks, you've just helped me a lot on my way to reduce the
cost of using Windows!


GPG pubkey available on request