looking for an email pal

Newton Hammet newton@hammet.net
Fri May 10 22:20:01 2002

Hello Folks,

  I have for years emersed my self in the theory of cryptography, but feel what
I need is some practical experience using it (gnupg).  I have recently installed
gnupg-1.0.7.  I have also created an RSA 2048-bit signing key that contains an
RSA 2048-bit encrypting public key as a subkey.

  I am looking for someone who also needs some practical experience with this tool.

  We could send each other our public keys, and/or swap encrypted emails ... I am not
looking for anything fancy or subterfuge.. Kind of a public-key pen-pal thing.

  I have not published my newly generated key to a key server yet.  But I can do that
if nesc.  To start with, I can simply send my public key to any interested party, 
(the key i generated with 'gpg --export -a') as part of a reply email.

Regards, Newton