Newbie Questions

Mon May 13 00:49:01 2002

Hey everyone,

Please excuse my incompitance, I'm trying to change by learning :)

First, are any of you familar with this error:
gpg: no writable public keyring found: eof
Key generation failed: eof
gpg: note: random_seed file not updated

I get this when I try to generate a new key pair as a normal user.  I 
also can't list my current keyring (same as first error)  When I 'su' to 
root I have no problem.  I might have been root when I installed and 
work on it last night but I still don't know why I can't generate a new key.

PGP compatibility.  I took a look at the how-to that a link was posted 
to.  I still have some questions.  Basically can someone try to reword 
how I would import my current key pair (from windows) so I can use it in 
GnuPG.  Or, since the key is not widely dispersed, can I make a new key 
pair in GnuPG and have my PGP in windows use it?  Also, what I need to 
do so someone can verify my key if I sign with GnuPG and they are using 
PGP in windows.

PGP for windows has the shortcut keys to sign,encrypt,decrypt,verify the 
current window.  Are there any GUI interfaces, or anyway at all I can 
get this to happen with GnuPG?  I'm using RH 7.2 and Ximian Gnome.

Thanks for your help in advance,