nonsubscriber posts

Frank D. Hubeny Frank D. Hubeny" <
Mon May 13 15:06:02 2002


I  just  read  the post on locking the list to non - subscribers. If you
are looking for someone to scan or look at non - subscriber posts. I may
be able to help you out.

I  did  get help from the group prior to subscribeingto it. It is a nice
feature,  and  goes  along way to makeing the group freindly to possible
new users of "GPG".

I  would  ask  that you consider asking the non - subscriber to put in a
subject  like Non - Subscriber Post. This is so I can add a filter to my
e-mail client.

I  also think that a " mail to" line would be a good thing to ask for as
well. This is so the poster would get a response, and I will not.

Since  I  have  a e-mail client that is feature rich, more things then I
know  what to do with. May be someone on the list would let me use their
e-mail address as a trial to get it to work right.

I believe I can either redirect the posts, or forward them.

I will not edit in any way the post. I will not keep e-mail addresses. I
will also ask for some guidance on things not to send.


Frank D. Hubeny