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David T-G
Mon May 13 15:33:02 2002

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Frank, et al --

=2E..and then Frank D. Hubeny said...
% Hello GNUPG - USERS,


% I  just  read  the post on locking the list to non - subscribers. If you
% are looking for someone to scan or look at non - subscriber posts. I may
% be able to help you out.

That's great!

% I  did  get help from the group prior to subscribeingto it. It is a nice
% feature,  and  goes  along way to makeing the group freindly to possible
% new users of "GPG".

It is, and it sure does, but it also leaves open the possibility of too
much spam -- as we've seen here.  That's why a moderator is needed.

[good ideas nonetheless snipped]
% I will not edit in any way the post. I will not keep e-mail addresses. I
% will also ask for some guidance on things not to send.

You'll find that the moderation process is actually pretty easy, though
it can become time-consuming.  You get mail containing posts that need
approval and you either can them or approve them for forwarding to the
list, and in the latter case the message gets distributed just as though
it was sent by a regular subscriber.  The sender, meanwhile, initially
gets a note saying "you're not a subscriber; wait for the moderator" and
then either gets a rejection or sees the post (however s/he might be
viewing the list, or perhaps just because replies come in); in that first
message are also generally instructions for subscription.

HTH & HAND & we're all grateful for your time to help out

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